Ever Wonder What To Do With Old Stuff?

   Before you donate or trash old stuff think of the possibilities to renew and reuse.  Below are some nifty ideas you can get creative with.  You will probably find that you have some of the same items laying around your home. 

      - Make a candle holder. Baby food jars are great for tea light candles.  Mason jars work well for larger candles.  You can keep your candle holder clean and simple by not adding any touches to it or you could add some copper wiring to the outside of the jar.  Possibilities are endless.

    -Use the jars as storage compartments for your kitchen, bathroom, or craft room.  I like to store my spices in baby jars.  In my craft room I have a large jar for buttons, one for paint brushes, and all my beads are color coordinated in jars. In the bathroom I like to store my make-up brushes in a jar. 


   - I love love love to make paper hats out of newspaper.  A very fun project for kids and adults.  Follow these simple instructions: 1. Start by placing a sheet of newspaper on your head. 2. Have someone tape around your head with masking tape. 3. Now that you have the size of your hat roll the edges up and shape how you like. You can use glue or tape to get the brim in place.  4. If you want an extra large brim add more paper to the edges before you start rolling. 5. Now that you have the outline created it is time to decorate.  Get as crazy as you wish.  I paint mine, add flowers, buttons, and fabric.  Have fun!! 

-Make paper mache mush .  How to make mush: 18 sheets of newspaper ripped, cut, or shredded. 6 cups of white flower. 4 ounces of white glue. 4 tablespoons of salt. mixing bowl. Utensil to mix with. 

Now that you have your ingredients it is time to make the mush: soak the newspaper stripes overnight in a large mixing bowl.  Make sure your paper is fully submerged.  Now that it has soaked overnight drain the water.  Add flour, salt, and glue and mix mix mix. When finished it should look like grey thick oatmeal.  

-Remove bad odors. Stuff newspaper in your shoes, bad smelling Tupperware, or purses over night. 

-Use as a rag. Make a cleaning solution out of vinegar and water and use the newspaper to wipe it up. works great!