Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapers = LOVE

   Do not let the myths of cloth diapers stop you from pursuing them. Do let the facts persuade you into using them. See for yourself. 

    -Cloth Diapers are hard to use 
    -They are way too messy 
    -They won't keep your baby dry
    -You have to use diaper pins 
    -Toilet Dunking 
    -Too expensive 

    -Cloth diapers are so easy to use.  No more fussing with pins. The cloth diaper upgraded to diaper covers with diaper inserts. Simply slip the cloth insert into the diaper cover, snap, and your baby is happy and ready to go.  You may be thinking, "I don't want to carry soiled inserts around with me in public."  I have the answer to that too.  They now make biodegradable inserts for when you leave the house.  I bought them once but I find it just as easy to carry a laundry bag around with me.  No one even notices the smell. 
  -Cloth diapers are just as messy as disposable diapers. There is no way around it. 

 -Cloth diapers will keep your baby dry.  Especially if you use fleece inserts and covers.  Fleece is the supreme of diapering.  It naturally wicks away any wetness from your baby's bum.  

  -Less chance of diaper rash.  Your baby can feel when he/she is too wet and will let you know.  When you use disposables chances of sitting in a wet diaper for a long time is more likely causing rashes.  Also cloth is a lot more breathable.  Even if your baby is wet for a bit he/she can get airflow.  
-Cloth diapers may seem bulky at first.  Once you find the right one it's on! I recommend to use the newborn size until they fill out then switch to one size fits all. 
 -You don't have to do the dirty work of dunking soiled diapers in the toilet.  Keep diapers in a sealed laundry bag till wash time. Then just toss them in.  The washing machine does a awesome job.
 -Mother nature will thank you.  Think of how many dirty diapers go into the landfill each year and eventually end up in the ocean. Not cool! Be the change. 

   -Initial investment can be pricey.  Once you have your stack of covers and inserts your set.  No more scrapping pennies together trying to figure out how to get another pack of diapers that will only last 5 days maybe.  In the long run you are saving money.

    Now that you are informed on how great cloth diapering is I hope you give it a chance! If for some reason you choose that it is not for you please please please use biodegradable diapers so our children's children can enjoy this planet.  

Tips:  Never use bleach or stain lifters to get stains out of your diapers.  It can cause irritation to your baby.  Instead hang your diapers outside. The sun will naturally bleach stains out. 

    Add baking soda to your dry standing dirty diapers.  Once You wash them add a drop of tea tree oil for a nice smell.