Mom's Making Money From Home

Mom's Making Money From Home

  Many moms like myself dread the possibility of having to work a 9-5 job and enroll our children in daycare.  You are your child's first teacher and you should be able to enjoy the time with your children before they start school.

Are You Skilled?
Being skilled and having some college education can be helpful when trying to find work online that are not scams.  Below are some websites you can make you a little bit of income.  They are legitimate companies and will do background checks on qualifications. - Are you qualified in legal, medical, mechanical, financial, and a lot more then check this site out.  One will be paid on the advice they give to costumers.  Costumers pay anywhere from $10-$40 for an answer from the expert.

http://www.tutor.comYou may qualify for this kind of work if you are going to college or have a degree.  Get paid $10-$14 an hour to tutor kids online.

Can You Provide Costumer Service?
If you have access to a phone and can put it 20-40 hours a week a customer service job may be for you.  Earn $8-$13 an hour +bonus and sometimes even 401(k) plans.  In ordered to get hired one must complete an online application, phone interview, skills test, and pass a background check. 

Have Creative Talent?

http://www.fiverr.comCreate a gig you can provide for $5.  I have seen people get paid for writting messages on there lips, nails, and in the sand.  This is a unique site.  Some people will sing "Happy Birthday" over skype.  Check it out!

http://www.etsy.comSell handmade and or vintage items in your own online store. It is free to sign up.  Seller will have to pay .20 for each item listed.  The item listed can have up to five photos and will be active for four months.  Once your item sells a 3.5 percent commission is paid to Etsy.

http://www.blogger.comEnjoy writing? Blog articles and sign up for Google Adsense.  Once you have a fan base for your blog and or traffic you will be paid for every time someone clicks on an ad hosted on your blog. 

Other Stuff...

http://swagbucksom.comIt takes time to accumulate SBs (swagbucks). One can do surveys, and other tasks on the site to earn bucks to be redeemed for merchandise or sweepstakes entries.  Earn an apple iphone, gift cards, and other cool gadgets.

http://mashupmom.comA place to get coupons and online advice on how to make money.